Rites of Passage

Released on 27th February 2012
Label: Casket Music

Digital Re-Release 11th September 2015
Label: IX Music

 Produced by Hamerex
Mixed by Joe Wilson and engineered by Andy Firth
Recorded at Planet Platforms and Dee Dee Music

Band Line-Up
Chris Moules (Vocals)
Steve Blower (Guitars/Vocals)
Joe Wilson (Guitars/Vocals)
Andy Firth (Bass)
Darren Kelsall (Drums)

Aftershocks of Death (Blower/Moules)
The Headless Horseman (Blower/Moules)
Stalker (Blower/Moules)
Hypnotise (Blower/Moules/Wilson)
The Lycan (Blower/Kelsall)
Rites of Passage (Wilson/Moules)
Army of Darkness (Blower/Moules)
To the End (Wilson/Moules)
The Gates of Hades (Blower)
Waste Away (Blower)

Buy on: Bandcamp

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