Snooty Fox, Wakefield Review (18/03/2006)

18th March 2006 – Snooty Fox, Wakefield

Your New Antique, Trailer Park Trash, Thrown Together, Mid Air 91, Hamerex

Robert Frost’s poem ‘The Road Not Taken’ talks about paths in life that diverge, that by opting for an unknown avenue it may alter our destiny ‘I took the one less travelled by, and that made all the difference’. Well, two bands from out of Wakefield travelled different roads on March 18th to take part in the second heat of the Battle of the Bands (held at the Snooty Fox). ‘Your New Antique’ from Huddersfield (some say centre of the universe!) and ‘Trailer Park Trash’ from Sheffield, both played basting sets to win a place in the next round.

‘Your New Antique’, an indie guitar band, reminiscent of The Editors/The Killers possessed a strong vocal lead, accomplished musicians and they looked the part. Their material was well constructed and they deservedly are on the road to the final.

‘Trailer Park Trash’, a raucous, in your face, musical experience. Form my money ‘spat in the face of the opposition’ metaphorically speaking (on second thoughts spitting’s par for the course for a metal band). Front man had great stage presence but songs became samey as content preoccupied with male private parts!!!!! Also, why do metal/punk bands have no respect for women as they refer to the fairer sex as bitches? Putting my view about overt sexism on one side, Trailer Park Trash certainly took a ‘road that made a difference’ when they travelled from Sheffield as they join Your New Antique on the journey to the final.

This event was organised by local Battle Metal Promotions organiser Claire. The ultimate prize will be a spot at this year’s Clarence Park Festival. The Wakefield Music Collective voluntarily promote, organise and staff this free live music festival which takes place annually (subject to funding of course) on the last weekend in July.

The other bands in this heat were Hammerex, Mid Air 91 and Thrown Together. Hammerex instigated great crowd participation and proved to be competent metal warriors. Sadly just pipped at the post as only two bands go through to the next round.

Mid Air 91 and Thrown Together showed great enthusiasm but not much experience and sadly were not in the same league as the other three bands. However, it was great to see young bands taking part and who knows what hours of practice will produce. Maybe their path will be a different one in next year’s Battle of the Bands.

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Kate Honeyman
(Published InnScene Magazine)


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