The Parish, Huddersfield Review (25/04/2008)

Friday 25th April 2008 – The Parish Huddersfield

Grieve, Unforgiven Rapture, Hamerex And Infernal Affliction.

I only caught the last two songs for Infernal Affliction. Not my thing and the vocals were too screamo for my liking but for a very young band a first gig they it was not a bad effort at all, and they got a good crowd reaction.

Having seen Hamerex many times and not being impressed with them in the past tonight came as a bit of a shock. You have to understand they have had some serious line up issues with lazy guitar players, and drummers who played too fast that they couldn’t care less. But at last these guys are Hamerex as they should be.

They kicked in with Into War with some very classic style Maiden riffs and Chris’s vocals are at a level which he is finally comfortable with and not trying to be anyone but himself. They followed with My Judgement Day which is quite an old number. They played through their set with ease and also looked to be enjoying themselves and they were very tight, making it an enjoyable set, finishing off with Waste Away.

Next was the band I really wanted to check out. Unforgiven Rapture are again another young band and these guys are opening for the Legions Gig in June. They are influenced by the likes of Machine Head and Lamb of God and to be honest not quite what I am into but still made a good effort. They do need more experience yet, however the singer was strong, had plenty of attitude and plenty of energy on stage. They played a few songs of their own and ended with Lamb Of God’s Black Label which isn’t a song I know.

Last up was Grieve who is another band I have seen many times. A very tight band but haven’t really changed much in the last couple of years. They started their set with You Will Listen and played a new song next called Liquid of Pride (not sure if that is correct). Both Chaps and Dom are good guitar players and can play fast and furious, but some times Chaps vocals can be a little weak. However they do work well with the last two songs of the set which was Pantera’s Fucking Hostile and the early song of their own and one which I do like Iron Gates.

All in all a good night but Hamerex was the best band of the night. I will collect the bribes later. Haha.

David Heward
Legions of Steel

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