A Brief Statement On Internet Forums

I have recently come across some forums through searching Hamerex on google.co.uk where certain people, who will remain nameless, have been posting some topics about Hamerex and posing as myself and possibly other band members. The posts include very boastful comments which have been designed to aggravate other people that use such forums.

I’ve come across only two of these posts which in turn hurts the progress of this band. These comments are idiotic and are in no way what so ever being made by any member of Hamerex. It is not in anyone’s nature within this band to claim to “Be better than AC/DC” as one post stated.

As I’ve already found two from the last couple of days, it is quite possible there are many more scattered among the web and I don’t wish to sit by while people come across these stupid posts and judge the band by the boastful attitudes depicted and not the music we create.

Posts made on forums by this band are friendly and contain professionally promotional content. We do not condone any such comments being made about Hamerex being better than such great bands or any other band in general. This hurts the reputation of the band and members within the band and it is not acceptable.

Thank you for your time.


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