The Lycan E.P. Review (Loucifer Speaks)

Hamerex are a Traditional Metal / Power Metal powerhorse. They are ‘Heavy Metal’ in the truest sense of the term – influenced greatly by their favourite bands, but never becoming a direct clone.

The songs here are well structured and the band make excellent use of the guitar solo and heavy as fuck riffs. The vocals are clean, powerful and assertive.

The EP opens with “Aftershocks of Death” which, while good, didn’t quite grab my attention on first listen. “The Headless Horseman” was another story – the chugging riff makes it insanely addictive. It’s what the repeat button was made for ;) …and that guitar solo! AWESOME!

“The Lycan” is a traditional metal track through and through! Kicking off with a eerie wolf howl, before heading into an almost Iron Maiden-esque riff. For me, this track isn’t as strong as “The Headless Horseman”, but it’s still worth a listen. The EP closes with “Desert Skies” – a song that was also featured on their previous EP. It’s a good track and it’s always great to hear it again :)

Like many bands, Hamerex aren’t going to win any prizes for being the most original band to walk the Earth, but really – who is these days? If you’re into traditional metal, you could do a lot worse than Hamerex. Buy the EP, put it on, turn it up as loud as you can and headbang like you’ve never heard of whiplash!

Hamerex may have a journey ahead of them before they set the world on fire, but with this EP and it’s predecessor (“Into War”), they are definitely heading in the right direction.

Rating: 80%

Lou Yardley

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