Rites of Passage Review (Metal Shock Finland)

The album starts off with Aftershocks Of Death a true down to earth metal track with powerful riffs good harsh vocals and some smashing solo’s this will continue through the whole album. The Headless Horseman is my favourite track of the album with the twin guitars metal riffs together with the galloping pounding drums really tells the story of the Headless Horseman. Together with the spine tingling solos and Chris Moules vocals makes this song one to listen to. Stalker starts with a bass riff then it breaks into a heavy riff and the harsh vocals once again it tells the story of the stalker well. But In this song you can hear the 80’s rock influence in the riffs and the screaming solo’s. Hypnotise starts with the pounding drums and the guitar riff kicks in with the harsh vocals next. But through the whole you have a very powerful solid riff that will make you bang your head with the screaming solo’s you will defiantly get your air guitar out. The Lycan starts with a really catchy guitar riff very reminiscent of Iron Maiden then the vocals kick in then you have the rolling drumbeat and the powerful riffs continue in this song. The twin guitar solo near the end of the song is just brilliant in my view you cannot beat twin guitars the sound is amazing. Rites Of Passage the title track to the album and the longest starts off slow then the heavy guitars come in and really deep vocals and some solo work with the sustain then into the main riff and drums. In the middle of the song you have rolling drums with a guitar riff to match little later you have another solo playing alongside the riff for a long song it has it all to keep you listening. Army Of Darkness starts off with a powerful riff with the drums beating alongside then it goes into a the main riff of the song with the harsh vocals later in the song you have some screaming solo’s which is flawless. This is another solid song full of punchy riffs good vocals and screaming solos. To The End immediately hits you with an catchy intro riff then the pounding drums and the guitars gets you banging your head with it. The vocals are punchy and harsh which goes with the whole album in honestly again the solos are stunning in this song the riffs just keeps coming pounding your ears into submission. At the end of the song the twin guitars kick in for a few bars to round it off. Gates Of Hades starts off with a rhythmic drumbeat then the guitars kick in with the same riff as the drums then the heavy guitar riffs come rolling in with the vocals. This song has pounding drumbeats, stunning solo’s really good heavy riffs all in all a real good song. Waste Away the last song on the album starts again with a classic style riff that gets my head banging straight away with the vocals give it just the right edge it needs. Again it has the classic twin guitars riffs combined with the drums and another superb solo which again wants me to get my air guitar out and giving it some rock.

This album has it all heavy harsh vocals powerful guitar riffs, screaming solos the only minor thing I have to say is on a couple of song the vocals have gone out of tune but only for a few bars then they are back into the swing of things. Whether it was meant to be like that or not I am not sure. With saying this it did not make a slightest difference to the album on the whole if you like 80’s metal you can hear that in this album. The twin guitars are just a joy to hear giving it a classic metal album feel along with the powerful riffs. It is an album that I will have on my playlist all the time cause it is that damn good. Well done guys you produced an album that has made me proud to have in my collection.


David Pearce
Metal Shock Finland

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