Rites of Passage Review (Destructive Music)

Hamerex are a band I’ve been aware of for seven years now, and it’s always a pleasure to hear some good old school Heavy Metal from Yorkshire. Over the years they have played gigs I have put on, in fact they played the first gig I ever put on all the way back in 2005, and whilst I no longer host shows, HAMEREX are still going strong and doing what they do best! So it’s with a massive smile on my face that I finally get to listen to a debut full length album release from these Wakefield Metal merchants, complete with effective and striking artwork, as you can see!

Getting things into gear with ‘Aftershocks of Death’, Hamerex build up gradually before picking up the pace and slamming full speed ahead into catchy and destructive old school Heavy Metal mode, dirty alcohol fueled vocals almost growling out each passage of lyrics, screaming through the next with gravel like texture. Throw in some groove laden riffs, some standard but well worked guitar solos and the mandatory good time feel and there you have it, Hamerex in all their glory.

With excellent break downs, catchy riffs and choruses you just want to chant along with, Hamerex truly have earned their own rites of passage and even though it has been a long time in coming this is one debut album that has been well and truly worth the wait. So pour yourself a beer or ten, let your hair loose and get ready to head bang until dawn because Hamerex are here and they expect nothing less. ‘Rites of Passage’ has been delivered with awesome Heavy Metal goodness and hard hitting efficiency!

[7/10 – Luke Hayhurst]

Destructive Music

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