Rites of Passage Review (Yorkshire Music Scene)

If any small, local band is going provide a great heavy metal album, it HAD to be Wakefield band, Hamerex. And boy, does it deliver that.

Blending old skool metal, with a twist of a modern vibe…Rites Of Passage as an album provides everything a metal fan wants.

‘Aftershocks Of Death’kicks off the album with heavy arse guitars, pounding drums and in your face vocals that you cannot deny being great and full of chugging chords of awesomeness! As the album continues full speed into more rumbling riffs and drums, you are hit with‘HYNOTISE’.

‘Hypnotise’ throws in a slight groove metal feel, but does not lose its metal front in any shape or form as it gravitates into dirtier heavy metal throughout. One hell of a track, and my favourite track of the album.

As the album continues, you can sense Hamerex’s influences such as Iron Maiden and Metallica seeping through slightly. BUT it all works in their own way and in their favour as throughout, there are great solos, melody and meaning put into what is a tight album

Great none the less, and definitely worth a listen for any heavy metal fan.

Yorkshire Music Scene

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