IX Review (Metal Temple)

There are some times when we think about Heavy Metal, we really miss something back in the 80’s, for bands are trying to playing harsh, brutal, fast, technical and some other qualities, and we miss just a more simpler and with no pretensions to become “the new kings of” something. And to those, the United Kingdom quartet HAMEREX can be your choice, for “IX” is a freshen blow of wind far away from nowadays sound tendencies.

Just the simple and old English Heavy Metal in NWOBHM, not trying to be another great name in the Metal scene, and this is what makes their music so charming, so good and so strong. Nothing new at all, but is always good. Great vocals (at first, you can have some bad feeling, but at the second time, you’ll love it), charming and strong guitar riffs and melodic solos, bass and drums focusing in doing a heavy and strong rhythmic basis. And by the Metal Gods, how it’s good to hear their music. Good sound production (it could do something better to lead guitar sound), a simple cover, and a good music is what awaits you all.

The greater moments: “The Life of Death” (a typical British Metal song, with good chorus and guitar riffs), the Metal Hymn“Inferno” (not so fast, but energetic, with good vocal works and some guitar riffs that can attach to your mind for days),“Mortuary” (another British Metal piece, with good bass and drums works), the Hard N’ Heavy “The Stranger”, and the long and wonderful “The Night of Samhain” (with more than eleven minutes, it’s full of tempos variations).

The British ground’s still fertile in terms of Metal, and I must thank HAMEREX for such a good music. My ears and mind really thank you.


Marcos Garcia
Metal Temple

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