IX Review (Lords of Metal)

Nima : About a year and a half ago I came across this British band for the first time through their first long player, Rites Of Passage. Although the band definitely showed some nice ideas, the music didnt have what I takes to really impress. Besides that the vocals of Chris Muoles, especially when he hit the aggressive regions, was quite an obstacle for me. On the follow-up, IX, the band more or less continues on the same path. Due to the fact that the thrash influences are more limited and traditional heavy metal has the upper hand, the album has turned out more melodic in general in comparison with the debut. Unfortunately on this album the band also doesnt come further than a few nice ideas and the songs have too little to offer to impress. And the bits and pieces that do impress are highly inspired by Iron Maiden (The Night Of Samhain for example). Also Muoles mediocre vocals are still quite an obstacle for me, although it does help that he doesnt approach aggressive vocals as often anymore. Altogether IX is way too simple and uninspired, due to which it doesnt manage to rise above the average. And when the production is also as mediocre, then thats the end of the story as far as Im concerned.


Lords of Metal

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