10 Years of Madness Review (Pagan Hel Reviews)

16th August 2014 – Snooty Fox, Wakefield

Hamerex, Kaine & Into The Abyss

Kaine – East Anglia

Genre: Heavy Metal

Missed “Into the Abyss” completely, still I sat through a whole hour of staring at a screen that said offline just in case. Finally the live stream kicked into action half way through “Iron Lady” and strange seeing four familiar faces on a computer screen and even stranger head banging in my PJ’s with a cuppa in one hand and a pen in the other, but stranger things have happened.

Kaine appeared just minutes before 9:00 pm on this their 100th gig andHamerex’s 10th year Anniversary. The Snooty looked to be packed to capacity which was a good sign, even though the figure for the actual live stream stated 4 and lowered to just 2 well before the night had ended. – Shame on the metal community, which is now dwindling sadly.

Kaine were feisty as ever, spewing out ravenous grooves amid a few freeze frames but are always entertaining to watch no matter!
Dan sung on two of the tracks “Solidarity” and “Champion” the first Rage announced was as punishment for breaking a cable which meant him having to go wireless – to laughter from the crowd. Dan did an amazing job despite a few fade outs of sound, which was annoying but the picture quality was excellent!

Rage took over once again and now rubbing his head with a towel as he was sweating more than a cow in a butcher’s shop. The banter was up-beat and in keeping with the mood of the evening.

No matter how many times I see Kaine or listen to their albums I don’t think I could ever retire from their NWOBHM sound. It may have been done by Maiden and other bands of the 80’s but Kaine are doing a grand job keeping it alive that is for sure!

Kaine have come such a long way since their arrival on the scene back in 2009 and are a determined force to be reckoned with.  Nobody could work harder than these four guys that is apparent!

Their latest album “The Waystone” is their best work to date and set the benchmark well and truly high, selling out copies at their numerous gigs and on line. Kaine love pushing boundaries and I am sure will continue their onslaught for the next five years and probably even longer – and here’s to them!

Rage Sadler – Rhythm Guitar/Lead Guitar/Vocals
Dan Mailer – Bass/Vocals
Anthony Murch – Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals
Chris MacKinnon – Drums


Hamerex – Wakefield


Genre: Heavy Metal

Hamerex hit the Snooty Fox stage at exactly 10:00 pm and it is with a certain sadness as although the mood should be high being their 10th Anniversary has been marred somewhat by the announcement that Chris Moules – the bands long standing vocalist has decided to quit for pastures new, now leaving the mighty Steve Blower at the helm of Hamerex.

The set tonight was based solely on what the fans of the band had voted for which I thought personally was a nice touch to mark their momentous occasion and they rattled off an array of old and newer tracks as Chris hung perilously from the Snooty Fox light rig – something he did last year as well.

They played “Rites of Passage” which is a slow moody track that finally breaks free of its mood changes and into a good strong melodic track. “Hypnotise” was also a good chunky slab of melodic grooving along with “Nightmare” which is a frenzied track and good for head banging!

Steve was going to sing a track that they hadn’t ever played live before “Still the wall Remains” on his acoustic guitar but sadly a string had bust, so he chucked it on the floor in the direction of Chris and picked back up his faithful electric guitar and took a seat left of stage and played it on his electric guitar instead but Chris took over the vocals.

That track was all encompassing and uplifting and a track which I really hope to hear live up close and personal, if at all possible at some point in the future.

Hamerex also played “Night of Samhain” an epic 11 minute track that is a definite crowd pleaser with its catchy riffs and addictive tempo variations and indeed well received by the audience at the Snooty tonight.

“Calling all Monsters” was melodically groove laden, not to mention energetic.

At the end of the set Malc the owner and sound tech announced that althoughHamerex had gone over their time by about ten minutes, but if they wanted to do an encore and the crowd were willing – which they were – then to go for it – which of course they did and played “So What” a cover track from the Anti-Nowhere League although made famous by Metallica to finish off with.

And so that was that, the colourful Snooty Fox curtain came down on ten whole years of Hamerex’s varied career.

Who knows what Hamerex will have up their sleeves for next year but you can be pretty sure it is going to be something very interesting with Steve on vocals and guitar, unless of course they decide to get in another vocalist? Only time will tell!

Good luck to Chris with his new endeavours!

Chris Moules – Vocals
Steve Blower – Guitar & Vocals
Andy Firth – Bass
Darren Kelsall – Drums

Thanks to Malc at the Snooty Fox and of course to Kaine and Hamerex for some entertaining sets this evening – and apologies for not getting the chance to see “Into the Abyss” due to the late start on the Live Stream – I was willing, watching and waiting all to no avail sadly.

Pagan Tordengrav
Pagan Hel Reviews

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