Snooty Fox, Wakefield Review (03/10/2014)

3rd October 2014 – Snooty Fox, Wakefield

Hamerex & Promethium

Well considering it is a Friday night and Malc at the Snooty Fox put on a FREE gig – there were just a handful of people there, surprised – yes and no! 3 people on the Snooty’s Live stream, which was diabolical and a real indication that the metal scene is on its knees! And not just in Wakefield either – sadly the virus is spreading!

Malc is struggling to keep the venue going as it is, and personally I cannot understand this after visiting the Snooty twice now found it to be a fantastic venue, with great sound and superb atmosphere and yet it is NOT being used to its full capacity! Which is absolute sacrilege!
No reason for people not to get on the stream and watch either!! I am really sick of saying the same thing over and over again so not going to bother now!

Promethium – Lancaster


Genre: Metal

Promethium are absolutely amazing live! They always give a fantastic set, so much so the air is electrifying! Tonight’s gig at the Snooty although, through the live stream you could still feel the sparks fly!

Having seen Promethium play three times previously I can honestly say, without a doubt and 100% that these guys really deserve the support.

It is hard trying to head bang and type at the same time, but the head banging is compulsory when Promethium hit the stage.

Each groove and every riff is magnetic and pulls you into ravenous metal rhythms that scold, bite and scream energy and with brute force!

Although there were only a few in attendance supporting the gig tonight, they did however, and for the band’s encore, move to the front of the stage after a lot of coaxing and serious persuasion from Gaz.

They played absolutely tremendously this evening, the usual banter was rife, funny and the norm for Promethium and personally I was quite miffed at not being there in the flesh to enjoy it all, but thanks to the amazing Malc Shipman I was allowed to view it all from the comfort of my own home.

“Apparently Promethium are an Annihilator covers band and Dan has been fired!” :O

The Snooty is the ONLY venue I know that offer a live stream and yet even that wasn’t heaving and it should have been!

Dan – Guitar
Gary – Lungs
Rossi – Guitar/Vocals
Henry – Bass/Vocals
Adam – Drums


Hamerex – Wakefield


Genre: Heavy Metal

Since the departure of Chris Moules who quite recently this left a gap in the mighty Hamerex wall, which Steve Blower the bands guitarist quite courageously decided to fill.

It was quite strange seeing Hamerex as a three-piece but as they say “The show must go on!” Steve has always been at the helm of Hamerex and now even more so as he took on the vocal role.

Although at times the vocal was slightly off centre, it was obvious that the nerves were beginning to show and certainly not an easy task to undertake, but I couldn’t help but still be impressed with Hamerex and their fight to remain in the spotlight, against all odds, but together they did it!

As with Promethium, Hamerex too played all the old favourites and great seeing both bands play back to back again!

It wasn’t so long ago that Hamerex celebrated ten whole years on the metal scene, but it was slightly tainted with the departure of Chris, however it has opened up a new chapter for the band and all I can say is best of luck with their endeavours! Looking forward to see where it takes them in the next ten years!

Whether or not they decide to get in another vocalist remains to be seen but well done for taking the bull by the horns and fucking showing it who is boss!

Steve Blower – Guitar/Vocals
Andy Firth – Bass
Darren Kelsall – Drums

A big thanks to the amazing Malc Shipman for the gig and the live stream for without him I would not be writing this. And it goes without saying thanks to Promethium and Hamerex for injecting life into my otherwise lacklustre Friday evening! Apologies to When Idols Fall it seemed I tuned in too late to see them perform.

Pagan Tordengrav
Pagan Hel Reviews

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