We’d just like to apologise to anyone that tuned in to Sheffield Live last night expecting to see us on the Rock Show. We were led to believe that we would have 3 songs from our set at last gig played, but for some reason or other we’d been cut from the show entirely. However, those that did tune in still got to see three great bands playing their songs from their sets. Apparently, there will be a “full length version” of the gig appearing online, whether it happens or not is up for debate.

Anyway, we’ve got more important and exciting things to concern ourselves with now, as we’re wrapping things up for the year and hopefully having all songs written and all percussion recorded before the year’s out. We’re also currently working on editing some footage together from our drum recording sessions from throughout the year of the new album filled with all the stupid childish humour you might expect from our previous in the studio videos as well as some of the recording techniques we used and some successful and (humorous) unsuccessful takes during these sessions. We’ll hopefully be getting this video uploaded to both our Facebook page and Youtube channel before Christmas all that and another project we’re working towards, so stay tuned!

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