Voting for TBFM Factor 2016 Heat 1 Live

There’s some tough competition in the first heat of TBFM Factor 2016, and we listened to the show and was in the chat room and realised how tough progression in this competition would be as there are some really great bands involved. We were also incredibly pleased that we got quite a bit of a positive reaction from those listening to our tracks during the show, and expressed their excitement in the chat and have liked our Facebook page.

However, we do need your support to help us progress to the next stage of TBFM Factor 2016, and we need you to vote for us.

The voting for the first heat is currently live, and you can vote for us, and any of the other bands by simply heading over to and selecting the first heat tab on the left of the website and clicking on the band you want to put through which in turn will cast your vote.

You are able to vote for as many of the bands as you want, though you can only vote for one band per day.

Thanks in advance to anybody and everybody that has, or will be voting for us in TBFM Factor 2016.

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