Traitor Review (Metal Ashes Of Phoenix)




Track 1 – Traitor

The title track of the album starts with a bass introduction. Before it breaks into melodic vocals, which is high pitched in places. It’s quite a long song at just over 6 minutes, and is mid paced with a heavy sound.

Track 2 – The Dark Tower

It starts with a guitar intro which sounds mysterious, before the drums kick in bringing the pace up slightly. A dark sounding track, like the title suggests. It has a great solo guitar riff in the middle of the track and has plenty of chugging riffs all the way through the track. A good track for headbanging..

Track 3 – Dead Mountain

Starts off with the drums beating in the intro. A medium paced Heavy Metal track. There are hints of classic N.W.O.B.H.M bands in this track.


Track 4 – The Nameless One

I thought this was going to be a ballad, because of the intro. It is very deep and dark at times, with very strong vocals.There is a burst of energy before going back to the slow pace, which changes often throughout. I like the variety of tempo in this track.

Track 5 – Eyes Of Deceit

There is more energy in this song than in previous tracks. Again, it has a longish intro, but still sounds dark. The drums give a steady beat during the track.

Track 6 – The Abyss

The instrumental and shortest track of the album. It has a nice mellow intro, with the drums slowly building up. There are some nice clean riffs repeated throughout. There is a nice change of feel towards the middle of the track, and it ends with some nice, fast drums.

Track 7 – The Evil Within

This is by far the longest track of the album, coming in at just over 9 minutes. There is a thrashy intro. It’s a quite heavy sounding song with some nice riffs and drum beats. About a third into the track there is a change of tempo, to a more slower and relaxed feel. There are some cool guitar effects and some good riffs repeated throughout the song.

Track 8 – Journeys End

A heavy Black Sabbath style intro, leads into a chugging guitar riff. Another N.W.O.B.H.M style song with Sabbath undertones. Which is no bad thing. I really like the punchy guitar solo and the feedback outro.

Overall I enjoyed the album and will be checking out the other Hamerex releases. I like the classic feel of some of the songs.

I rate the album 8/10

Jovi Hacker


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