Rock ‘it Bar, Tamworth Review (08/04/2017)

I got up to the Rock Bar in Tamworth in time to see Wakefield’s finest Hamerex open proceedings.
Steve Blower and his troops certainly lived up to my expectations. Having been sent their fine opus ” Traitor” a while back they stormed straight into Traitor, a Classic Metal band in every sense with modern twists and elements of early British Thrash they were a treat to watch and more than justified their place on the Main day at Mearfest South in December.
Next East Anglian Metal Gods Kaine.
Great to meet Rage Sadler and the guys again and with their set awash with new material it was like seeing them reborn.
The Walls of Jericho with its thunderous Drum pattern and Middle Eastern Guitar riffs is pure Musical Genius. A caught the names of two other tracks ” Crisis of Faith ” and ” Alone” but all the songs tonight displayed a massive move forward in structure and presentation.
Kaine have developed into something amazing. A unique powerful Modern Metal Band with a huge broad scope.
They played with passion and purpose as always and for me they shine bright and remain ” The Future of British Heavy Metal”
And Finally to Twisted Illusion.
When I first heard this bands CD a while back I was completely taken aback.
That a young British Band can be producing such incredible Music and not be a world wide concern is totally beyond me.
Matt Jones has that quality that so many bands lack. Charisma !!!
He led his powerful trio, Mark Wagstaff, Matt Stickz McDade from the front engaging everyone in the audience. I can honestly say this was the best performance from a band at any level I have witnessed in for over ten years.
You have got to see this band if you have a musical bone in your body !
Playing tracks from ” Temple of Artifice” bought comparisons of Coheed and Cambria, Threshold, The Pineapple thief and the Canadian God’s RUSH !!!
Yes folks ..That Good !!
I took a chance booking these guys to Headline Mearfest South’s Friday Night but I am 100% vindicated !!! This band should be filling Stadiums. Immense !!!
I’m not going to go on about small venues and poor turnouts because this would tarnish what was an incredible performance from all three bands.

Brian Mear

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