New EP Trilogy Announced

Over the past year or so, since the addition of Marc and more recently Diz; Hamerex have been hard at work planning our next step. Since the release of the Traitor album which has pushed our sound and the resulting shows it has become clear that the new material and live show is changing, for the better we feel. We’re hungrier and we want to bring our music to the forefront of British metal.

After long discussion we have decided that our next step would be to highlight this and welcome the new era in a big way. As a result we are planning a 3 EP series. Each with up-to-date versions of classic songs to reflect the way they’re played now, they will also feature new material which we have been working on since the release of Traitor.

These will be released individually in a digital-only format initially with the releases staggered. When all 3 have been released we will also be releasing the whole series as a compilation disc. There will be additional pre-order bonuses and collectibles to coincide with the release.

The gates have been re-opened.

– Steve, Marc, Andy and Diz

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