Hamerex Return To Mearfest In November

We’re delighted to announce we’re confirmed to return to Mearfest this year!

After having such a memorable weekend at last year’s event at the Carlisle in Hastings, which is in memory of Brian and Claire Mear’s stillborn daughter Molly, we’re absolutely thrilled to be asked back on 3rd November, which will take place at the Irish Club in Slough with a line-up packed with some fantastic bands.

Already confirmed for November’s Mearfest are Demon, Thunderstick, Quartz, Tysondog, Millennium, The Deep, Troyen, SYZ, Traitors Gate, AIRFORCE, The Guardian, Neuronspoiler, Ascalon, Chemikill with more set to be announced.

At the moment, the focus is the first of the two Mearfest’s, which takes place on the 1st and 2nd of June at the same venue, with more details set to follow afterwards.

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