The Abyss Vol. 1 (Jenny Tate’s Blog)

Introducing the first part of a trilogy of new EP releases from Hamerex.

The Extremist – Explosive hard as hell intro, evoking scenes of the four horsemen of the apocalypse on their tails. Heavy doesn’t even begin to cover it. Lyrically descriptive of the hounds of hell the accompaniments conjure. Just a storm of implosive nightmares, more powerful than all their pre-dating work, with a whirligig of an ending. Astonishing.

Broken – Crashing onto the scene, with more aggression fuelled steel, the vocals soar, as the classic style melody hits and the drums hammer it home. This is the stuff of greatness, stacked with natural catch, steamrolling metal and stunning strength. It’s heaviness alone is immense and the sheer wealth of metallic effects literally speaks volumes. Some fabulous riffage, towards the end and just drenched with mind blowing conviction.

The Dark Tower – Riff opening, with the kind of melting, defence shattering sound real metalheads dream of. Great fast pace, creating chasing imagery and a dark night atmosphere, of real intensity. Thunderous, on all counts and the emotion’s truly palpable. Brilliant performance.

Crucifixion – Banging intro, throwing every ounce of passion into their delivery. The vocals have now grown to the point of taking on a maturity and conviction only born of genuine experience, serving the production well. Those fret scorching riffs are divine, as they heat up the pace, to boiling point, relentlessly pursuing their target, till they fade out on a gorgeous, singular feedback tone. Sublime.

Overall – Undoubtedly, their best work yet. ‘The Abyss Volume 1’ has that much coveted sound of true life experience, grafting a unique conviction and self-assurance onto the production. Hamerex are now coming into their own and with this current release, have proved themselves and their metal credentials, through and through. A stellar performance, reflecting an unbreakable metallic spirit.

10/10 **********

For fans of Metallica, Taberah, Soulforge, Exodus, Pantera.


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