Into War E.P. Review (Loucifer Speaks)

I’ve been looking forward to listening to this EP for a while, and now – after listening to it several times – I’m ready to share my thoughts on it…

The EP opens with “Into War”. It’s traditional sounding Metal with a superbly gritty edge. While some bands/songs that fly the Tradional Metal banner are content to sound like they’ve just stepped out of 1982, this track isn’t afraid to take a slightly more modern approach to the genre. “Screams and Pain” is full of galloping riffs and a shedload of opportunities for you to bang your head and throw horns.

I’d heard “Echoes of Hatred” on the band’s MySpace before receiving this EP. Obviously it sounds pretty much the same here – which means it rocks! Oddly enough, I’m not as keen on it as I am the title track, but it still manages to pack a decent sized punch. The solo in “Desert Skies” is worth taking note of – these guys can definitely play!

The EP closes with “Midnight Hour”, an almost omninous sounding track that you can almost imagine marching in battle to… or perhaps launching a midnight assault would be more appropriate!

There are some great bands around at the moment playing Traditional Metal… and Hamerex are definitely one of them.

Track List
01 Into War
02 Screams And Pain
03 Echoes Of Hatred
04 Desert Skies
05 Midnight Hour

Lou Yardley
Loucifer Speaks

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