Into War E.P. Review (Metal Team UK)

This Wakefield band are making a great attempt at the bandwagon trend of re-creating traditional metal, which is not a bad thing if it is done well. But, there is a definite modern edge to this EP, which all becomes clear as soon as Chris Moules starts to belt out the lyrics. ‘Into War’ has a heavy groove thrash rhythm at mid-pace. The funky bass line during the main solo makes your ears prick up; at nearly 7 minutes this song is quite long and the second part of this solo definitely has more easy structure to it. This track is full of surprises, and the traditional metal section here is monolithic, apart from the last few seconds of Maiden-esque instrumental that just sounds disjointed; it’s as if one track has finished and another has begun.

‘Screams and Pain’ has more direct trad metal inspiration, reminding me of Blaze Bailey or Lost Legion, maybe due to the low register performance of the vocals but there is some aggression thrown in for good measure. I do like the arrangements and ideas that are thrown out; there is a lot of Maiden worship, especially in the guitar solos. One thing I do notice is that it sounds as if it has been recorded in a different studio to that of the opening track. I tend to find that the vocals are very loud in the mix (especially on ‘Into War’). The guitars, for want of an easy description, have a lot of treble which makes them appear thin, especially during solos where the string plucking can be heard clearly. They could do with beefing up, though the bass is heavy and loud.

While there are moments where the timing and key goes a little off, you cannot help like the band for a down to earth, honest, self-financed EP. ‘Desert Skies’ plays homage to ‘Point of Entry’ Judas Priest, simply by the guitar tone in the main riff and is one of the better executed of the EP’s tracks. Closing track ‘Midnight Hour’ sounds as if a key change would be better to cope with the vocals, as they are very low and strained, but having said that you cannot helps nodding along to the infectious melody.

This EP is a good attempt at traditional British metal. There could be some improvements in the execution and production overall, but it gives you an idea of what the band is all about and where they are going. Yet another band join the ever-growing list of “rivet heads and earth dogs” flying the flag for British metal.

Paul Maddison
Metal Team UK

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