Rites of Passage Review (Metal Team UK)

This is the third release I have reviewed by this Yorkshire Heavy Metal band, I always like to see if acts have developed, and to this group’s credit, the new songs are very much an improvement in song writing and execution, although the vocals are still very much the weakest link. I say out of the new songs, because of the ten tracks, 50% have previously appeared on their earlier demo and EP releases. But out of those, ‘The Gates of Hades’ is really given justice this time around, the arrangement is plentiful and it sounds beefed up, something that credits the song writing. Other older songs like ‘The Lycan’ really don’t make any notable impression, musically yes, I like it, but as I’ve said before, I don’t like “some” of the vocal lines as they come across strained in places, but there is certainly a growing ability with time from their previous efforts.

‘Army of Darkness’ stands out for me, this is a British metal track, not really epic, but you kind of get the feeling this is what it should be and what Hamerex are trying to do, maybe the recording could have been engineered better, that may help, but I cannot criticise the music that is clearly moving forward and Hamerex are learning their trade. As debut album release, it works, but it still suffers a demo recording persona in terms of the recorded quality of the instruments. Being as metal as they appear to be on the surface, the album artwork personifies a certain mythical, almost biblical image of cloaked figures around an infant, assuming it’s not a demon of some sorts! Hamerex have been recording for quite a few years now, one would hope that record label involvement would increase their chances of being heard, and I would also hope for some live action around the country, but I remain sceptical or rather open on these counts. Hamerex are worthy of a listen, but they need to be given better direction in the recording studio, this could help them achieve much converted success that that are so near too, but also are so far from.


Paul Maddison
Metal Team UK

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