Rites Of Passage Tour 2011/2012

With the release of the ‘Rites Of Passage’ album the band began the Rites Tour in 2011 to carry on through to the end of 2012. Though the first leg of the Rites Tour was marred with numerous cancellations and the postponement of the album the band drove on with successful shows with the penultimate date of 2011 ending in a car crash resulting in the cancellation of the one remaining date. The band have started 2012 with the release of Rites Of Passage and the announcement of the current 2012 dates. The full dates of the tour are below with all cancelled dates from 2011 excluded.

02/09/11 – Snooty Fox, Wakefield
06/10/11 – Pulse Bar, Barnsley
30/10/11 – Black Bull, Dewsbury
12/11/11 – Central Station, Dewsbury
17/11/11 – Ringside, Hull
09/03/12 – Black Bull, Dewsbury
30/03/12 – South Sea, Sheffield
13/04/12 – Hallcross, Doncaster
28/04/12 – Snooty Fox, Wakefield
20/05/12 – Riverside, Selby
23/06/12 – Hollywood & Vine, Hull
04/08/12 – Black Bull, Dewsbury
24/08/12 – Snooty Fox, Wakefield
15/12/12 – Snooty Fox, Wakefield
20/12/12 – South Sea, Sheffield

The band are still working on adding more dates to the Rites Of Passage Tour so keep checking the website which will be constantly updated.

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