Clarence Festival Imminent, Video Footage Wanted

The nerves now setting while preparing for Clarence Festival 2012, the bands biggest show to date and it appears there could be some sunshine for the weekend.

The band will be filming their 40 minute set on 2 video clarence2012postercameras for a possible DVD release or download. So we’re wanting anybody that films any of our set whether it’s on phone, camera etc… to send us the footage whether it’s a few seconds or the entire set as it may be edited into the bands footage to be recorded this Saturday so we can have multiple angles. It will be more of a bootleg quality video however we decide to release it but it’s a show we feel should be filmed.

You can send any video footage of our set to either or

The Wakefield Music Collective has made posts on their website about planning your day which you can view here.
Also now available is the stage times for the entire weekend which you can view here.
We’re looking forward to seeing you all this Saturday, armed with new songs to bang your heads to. Rock On!

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