Rites Of Passage 6 Months On

It’s now 6 months to the day since Rites Of Passage was released on Casket Music. The debut album has critically been received well through the webzines and even receiving a 5/5 review from Andy Turner who writes for Bigger Than Satan.com saying ‘For a band that has had so much turmoil in line-up changes they have proven their strength in the musical ability and produced an excellent CD’.

One of the bands favourite quotes from the Rites of Passage reviews came from Rhys Stevenson of the Global Metal Network Rites Of Passagewhen he said ”Rites Of Passage’ brings a whole new stance on the meaning of original and traditional, this is by far one of the most impressive rejuvenations of old style metal to be unleashed, a sheer class of absolute proportions.’ and gave the album an 8 out of 10.

Rites Of Passage got more praise from Stu Tovell when he said ‘All in all this is one helluva album and proof that the best metal still comes from this side of the Atlantic’ and gave it an 9/10 and even though Rites Of Passage hadn’t been released at the time due to delays was classed as one of the top 9 albums of 2012.

Dave Nicholls at Loud Stuff.com said ‘Throughout this album there’s heavy, but there’s also melody and harmony, meaning what you get is the complete package. I can’t wait to see how they follow this album, as I’ve got a feeling it’s going to be very cool!’ and Metalwahine on Spirit Of Metal said ‘All in all I would say “Rites Of Passage” is an impressive album seeing as this is their first hamerexrites2012full-length and definitely worth picking up. I look forward to see what they have in store for us in the future!’ and gave it a 17/20 with another reviewer on the same site bumping the score up to 18/20.

Some reviewers are clearly excited on what the future holds for Hamerex with how impressed they were with the bands first album.

‘There’s definitely going to be a 2nd album, we’ve got a lot of new material and we’ve played a few live recently at Clarence Park and the Snooty Fox and we got a good reaction for them. As for when we’re going to start recording a 2nd album we’re not sure yet.’ comments guitarist Steve Blower. ‘At the moment the focus is still Rites Of Passage until we finish the last show in Sheffield at the end of the year then we’ll take it from there.’

Rites Of Passage Reviews

Stu’s Reviews (9/10)
Louciferspeaks.com (86%)
Heavy-Metal Spotlight (7/10)
Valkyrianmusic.com (3.5/5)
Global Metal Network (8/10)
Spirit Of Metal (17/20)
Metal Team UK (N/A)
Denim & Leather (4/5)
Metal.de (7/10)
Rocked N Loaded (3.5/5)
Metal Shock Finland (7.5/10)
Loud-Stuff (N/A)
Lords Of Metal (60/100)
Legacy.de (12/15)
Destructive Music (7/10)
Pagan Hel Reviews (4/5)
Bigger Than Satan (5/5)

Hamerex currently have 3 dates remaining on the Rites Of Passage Tour 2011/2012. More dates may still be announced.

13th October 2012 – Black Swan, Bradford
15th December 2012 – Snooty Fox, Wakefield
20th December 2012 – South Sea, Sheffield

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