Help Hamerex In Contest To Play Donington 2013

Yes you read that right, we’re currently in a contest for the chance to play the Download Festival at Donington Park in 2013 and we need your help.

We’ve entered the Marshall Ultimate Band Contest with two videos from the Clarence Park Festival we filmed in July and the voting stage has started today and will run until the 28th September.

What we need you to do is register on the Marshall Ultimate Band Contest website HERE and vote for The Gates Of Hades video HERE and the Waste Away video HERE.donington2013prizes

The first 5 bands will be decided on who generates the highest social network buzz so we need you to share the videos on your Facebook, Google+ and Twitter accounts via the buttons on the Hades and Waste Away video pages. The remaining 20 slots will be decided on the highest public votes.

We see playing Donington as the ultimate dream and knowing the history of the Monsters Of Rock Festivals of the 80’s and 90’s and now Download Festival which was in its 10th year in June.

So please if you can vote for both the videos and share them on your Facebooks, Google+ and Twitter accounts on the video pages we would be extremely grateful.


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