Rites of Passage Review (Bigger Than Satan)

Right from the opening track ‘Aftershocks Of Death’ you know Hamerex mean business, the track kicks in with heavy guitars, powerful drums and thundering bass lines and powerful deep vocals in true thrash style. the following track ‘The Headless Horseman’ continues in the same vein very catchy guitar riffs. The third song ‘Stalker’ starts of with a very Anthraxy bass line and then kicks in with punchy guitars and very aggressive vocals and this continues throughout the song with some very catchy and good guitar work. Track four ‘Hypnotise’ returns to the fast paced guitar riffs, aggressive vocals, thundering bass lines and very powerful drumming providing a very tight and powerful unit. the fifth track ‘The Lycan’ reminds me of early Testament, Anthrax and Metallica from the era that made them the bands they are now. The sixth and title track ‘Rites Of Passage’ is a slower starting track, then kicks in with aggressive bass and guitar riffs, deep growling vocals and aggressive powerful drums. Track seven ‘Army Of Darkness’ returns to their former tracks with very catchy guitar riffs, deep gravelly vocals, thundering bass lines and very powerful aggressive drumming. The remaining three tracks ‘To The End’, The Gates Of Hades’ and ‘Wasted Away’ are very much in the same vein as the rest of the CD, very catchy aggressive guitar riffs, thundering powerful bass lines, deep gravelly aggressive vocals and thunderous drumming.

For a band that has had so much turmoil in line-up changes they have proven their strength in the musical ability and produced an excellent CD and to prove that they are serious about their music are currently recording the new album as we speak. This band are a must for fans of Anthrax, Exodus, Testament, Slayer and early Metallica. It’s nice to see a band that have stuck to their guns and come out with all guns blazing. Can’t wait to hear their next release.


Andy Turner
Bigger Than Satan

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