Build Up To IX, Airplay All Week

Apologies for being a bit late, but from last night the build up to the release of ‘IX’ began with the first airing of ‘Mortuary’ on The Metalheadz: Extended Play radio show. If you missed out you can go to to hear the show again. Tonight on the Heavier than Time Show we had ‘The Life of Death’ and ‘Descent of Angels’ played as well as DJ Nooks on Infernal Rock Radio playing ‘Inferno’. Tomorrow Night also on Infernal Rock Radio, DJ Beasty had a chat with Andy, Daz and Steve about the new album and will play 3 songs from ‘IX’ which will include the 11 minute epic ‘The Night of Samhain’. You can tune in tomorrow at 8pm on Finally on Friday at 8pm-11pm, the Friday Night Massacre show on will be playing a track from the album.

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