IX Review (Sinister Angels Realm)

The official bio states –
Hamerex are a heavy metal band founded in 2004 by guitarist Steve Blower. The band also consists of vocalist Chris Moules, bassist Andy Firth and drummer Darren Kelsall.
The band are an energetic and entertaining live band with their influences coming through in both their music and live shows. Hamerex have supported such bands as PowerQuest, Conquest Of Steel and Funeral For A Friend as well as playing at Clarence Park Music Festival in July 2012.

2012 saw Hamerex release their debut album on Casket Music which was highly praised by a number of reviewers with Rhys Stevenson of Global Metal Network saying “‘Rites Of Passage’ brings a whole new stance on the meaning of original and traditional, this is by far one of the most impressive rejuvenations of old style metal to be unleashed, a sheer class of absolute proportions.”

2013 is set to be the bands biggest year to date with a high profile gig already under their belts when they opened for Funeral For A Friend in April. The band are excited about the release of their second album ‘IX’ which shows Hamerex at their musical best with their most varied and experimental release to date.

So now that we have the official inrodutions out of the way, what do Hamerex sound like and is IX any good?

Well firstly Hamerex are a very very good Traditional Heavy Metal band with a few metalcore leanings. they deliver a traditional metal sound ala Iron Maiden and Judas Priest only infused with a healthy dose of modern attitude and contemporary principles.
IX really does manage to showcase the band at their best, from their strong and varried songwritting, to their solid musicianship. This album pretty much has eveything that a metal fan could want from the NWoBHM feel of The Life Of Death, to the proto doom of Inferno, to the thrash leanings of Descent Of Angels and The Extremist, to the epic stylings of The Night Of Samhain and eventually the subtilties of Still The Wall Remains. Yet it all fits together perfectly.

Hamerex are a great exciting band and in IX they have a strong solid metal album that really show cases their talents.

Well worth checking out!

Rating 9/10

Sinister Angels Realm

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