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Stunning new album from Hamerex out today!
Hamerex – Wakefield, North Yorkshire

A very apt name for the title of Hamerex’s new album IX as this is exactly how many years Hamerex have been producing and slamming out the best in metal.

IX Circles
A soft but evil whisper taunts and turns into a sway of deftly carved rhythms with haunting synth tones that send shivers down your spine. This is one powerful track that deserves attention and will no doubt get it as it is a very unique track and shows the diverse side of Hamerex.

The Life of Death
Hard edged beats forge an uncompromising level of captivation and thrust a powerfully strong vocal of cleverly thought out lyrics right in the metal face, with this igniting an emotive track, holding some excitable rhythms that ripple with a catchy strenuous embrace.

Is hard hitting and heavy without a doubt, with an amazing beat that will have your head moving and your feet tapping along to that edgy rhythm in no uncertain terms! It’s as catchy as hell and I think you may find yourself reaching for the replay once the track comes to an end – I have not only done this but also cranked it up another few more notches for full on face melting effect! The guitar solo spot is superb so listen out for that!

Edge of Madness
Chunkier than a Yorkie bar! Its groove laden rhythms will simply devour you on listening. It spans with a hard edged vocal and quickly gains tempo with a thrash theme and fast fretwork which is mouth-watering.

The Extremist
This is also a rather chunky track that has thrashy elements. Quite early on in the track it slows and then forges back to the thrash theme. Andy – rather the extremist here I feel (and who plays guitar as well as bass) has just simply gone to town on the fret-work with Darren not far behind literally giving the drums a good workout!

Shrill guitar work opens this track along with a resounding punch on the skins. Again catchy lyrics and holding superb rhythm, brilliant vocal scathing with supersonic bass hooks.

The Stranger
Quite a provocative track in its own right, the catchiness never far away and lingering. The more I listen, the more that chug bites and holds some deep thought provoking moments of stringed pleasure that give it a hard edged feel and simply embraces what is quite an abrasive and inspiring track with plenty of added clout to boot

Descent of Angels
This track is thoroughly spring loaded and bounces just as durably as a rubber ball. If you don’t reach for the volume on this track there’s no hope for you! Although it does slow down for a guitar outing a bit further on to let you gather your thoughts, and then grabs the throat for a final onslaught of brutality, with excellent echo at the end.

The Night of Samhain
I have been informed on good authority that I was the inspiration for this 11 minute track, which is an honour indeed. It is a moody track with a cheeky bass line running through it and a sharp stringed arrangement. It bursts forth with an ambient quality and holds an 80’s sound to it. You have to listen to when the track supposedly stops and then a progressive moment can be savoured which happens half way through. The harmonies are composed in a chanting vein, giving the track plenty of added depth and vocally very strong, definitely gives it a Pagan feel to the proceedings.

Still the Wall Remains
A rather stunning track of sumptuous chords and wondrous beats all melting effortlessly into a mesmeric track, that I feel is like Japanese Knotwood – once it takes hold it isn’t letting go! The harmonies are interesting as they are unique. The vocals are soft and dreamlike until the guitar takes over with a spiky rhythm just adding to this complex piece of writing. Definitely another of my favourites on the album. Steve does the main vocals for this track and both he and Andy share their expertise on the synth. Absolutely stunning!

To Sum up:

Hamerex for me will never lose their allure and appeal. The slow, dark, heavy melodies are compelling and intriguing with strong rhythms that really add depth to their quirky and unique sound. Hamerex have their own trademark of superb artwork by Mel Wales and James Mullet and mesmerising, as they are diverse, with catchy and memorable lyrics that you can dry your hair to!  This certainly is one of the most outstanding albums of 2013.

The mere fact that Hamerex are multi-talented changing instruments and swapping vocals give them something more to work with in my opinion and they sure as hell have put a lot of thought and ideas into making this album spectacular!

As I actually got to hear the album quite early on and did a review for three of the tracks which I was not allowed to publish at the time and gave them 9/10 – but on hearing the whole album, feel that a ten is much more deserved.

Hamerex have well and truly upped their game with this superb album and it makes me wonder just where they will go with the next one!
On the 19th October Hamerex are teaming up with Kaine and Promethiumat The Snooty Fox – not long to wait now! – So this should be one hell of a gig.


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