IX Review (Global Metal Network)

There seems to be this certain type of aura flowing amongst the relatively underground classic heavy metal bands, they seem to go on for ever and only end up release a couple of albums, sadly this looks to be that way with Hamerex. Hailing from Yorkshire, this four-piece platoon wield that ever classic sound of British Heavy Metal and by adding some Thrash and Doom Metal elements here and there, the second album ‘IX’ (aptly titled seeing as Hamerex is nine years old) demonstrates the uniqueness of this metal music strain. Sure ‘IX’ is nothing more than a run-of-the-mill heavy metal album, but it certainly is decent enough for anyone to own, well, almost everyone (Justin Bieber + metal = disaster). Like most of their underground contemporaries, Hamerex will keep the faith going strong, with a rally of riffs, drum beats and vocal exasperation’s, this is ‘el clasico’.

Download This: “Inferno”

For Fans of: Black Sabbath, My Dying Bridge, Iron Maiden


Global Metal Network

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