Snooty Fox, Wakefield Review (19/10/2013)

19th October 2013 – Snooty Fox, Wakefield

Hamerex, Promethium and Kaine

Where could you find these legends? Ste Blower, Rage Sadler and Daniel Lovett-Horn? Answer: At the amazing Snooty Fox! I still can’t quite believe it! Finally after about four years I got to meet and witness live Kaine andHamerex and see Promethium live again! That magical moment just keeps playing over and over in my head and will be etched in my heart forever! I can truly say that Wakefield is Hamerex country – those beautiful Yorkshire accents are to die for!

Having got to listen to all three bands amazing and epic new albums I knew this was going to live up to expectations – however the whole night actually exceeded it!

The Snooty Fox in Wakefield is one very impressive venue. Having visited it previously some two years ago – know that it is just the place for metal-heads to gather, with ceilings and walls covered in band T-Shirts, full of meaty metal atmosphere, friendly staff and a sound tech that is worth his weight in gold, plus a live stream this venue has it all and plays host to some amazing local and non local bands – worth checking out! Waiting for that all important curtain to rise
Kaine – Essex                             8.00pm – 8.45pm

Kaine – 2 CD set – 1st Nov 2010 – Re-mastered 2011
Falling Through Freedom – 24th Aug 2012
Rock the Castle Live – 6th Sept 2013

Genre: Heavy Metal

Founded 2009 by Rage Sadler and Elliot Jackson and later Dan Mailer and Josh Moreton were added to the mix. Hailing from the Essex area they recorded their first self-titled EP in 2010.  It was released it through iTunes and Spotify through Specky Records. Not without the usual line-up changes Kaine have now released their long awaited debut album “Falling through Freedom” with the help of lead guitarist Anthony Murch.


At long last – after about four years I have finally got to experience Kaine in all their glory! The guys wasted no time in going for the jugular and with thunderous swipes engulfed the crowd at the Snooty Fox.

Having earlier conversations with the amazing Rage Sadler who at the time was despondent with the scene (as we all are from time to time) was thinking of jacking in the band, but so glad he didn’t as I offered all the encouragement I could muster and it seemed to have worked as Kaine tipped the scales with their performance last night.

Despite a lead failure Kaine still made good the set – these guys know what it is like to come through adversity and win!
The carnivorous riffs were powerful and gripping – good old metal at its best and clearly enjoyed by band as well as crowd at the Fox. Taking the imagination to new heights with overwhelming toxic twists that brought you to only one staggering conclusion that Kaine is going to be around for a lot longer – due to their cast iron wills and determination to succeed where some would have given up only to end up on the metal scrap heap, (and of course their superb ability to write some inventive tracks – some of them were even written in the bog! according to Dan) But not Kaine still a fairly young band and this can only mean one thing and that is that they will indeed grow with the scene plus they are already a force to be reckoned with.

Kaine have produced some amazing work and ‘Falling through Freedom’is just one of them. They have that unmistakable sound of solid rhythm, packed with unending rampant beauty. A truly potent set that will stay with me for a long time to come!  Their performance was explosive, vibrant, and full of rich melodies and concreted the way for next band Promethium.

And Ant thank you so much for the plectrum I will treasure that piece of plastic forever! And getting to stroke Dan’s hair was another bonus!


Set List:

Iron Lady
Lost Sages Tower
Helpless Salvation
Quality of Madness
Rage Sadler – Guitar/Vocals
Dan Mailer – Bass/Vocals
Anthony Murch – Lead Guitar
Chris MacKinnon – Drums
Promethium – Lancaster                      9.00pm – 9.45pm
Debut EP – Tribute to the Fallen – 2009
Debut Album – Welcome to the Institution – 2010
Full-length album – Origins – 2013
Genre: Pure Metal
Driven by a passion for music, Promethium is bringing back old school Metal with a 21st century twist through enigmatic song writing and powerful, energetic live shows. Promethium are the by-product formed from the remaining residue of five band meltdowns in Lancaster. A volatile reaction to the tired Thrash that has predominated the cities scene, our five intrepid heroes compounded to serve up Heavy music for the purists of metallurgical alchemy.


From the first note to the last chord Promethium stamped their mark on the proceedings. Gaz was phenomenal jumping around on stage and in-sighting pits which thankfully I did not get caught up in thanks to a big burly guy standing next to me 😀

Track after track came reigning down on the unsuspecting crowd – I say unsuspecting as a lot had not heard the band live before but judging by the surrounding faces think they will make the effort to check the band out again and with good cause. The outstanding tracks of the evening for me were ‘Visions’ an old favourite, ‘Nothing’ ‘Gunslinger’ ‘Rain’ ‘Tribute to the Fallen’ and ‘Murder me’ which is nearly all of them.

Promethium were burning on all cylinders with this performance: Henry did an amazing job on bass and his first gig with the band,– although you could not tell as he fitted in perfectly to the savagery that went on, on stage, plus learning that set in a week should also be mentioned – well done Henry!!!  Rossi carried one scary stage presence – do not mess with this guy he will eat you alive! – When Rossi inadvertently broke a string, Gaz gave a little rendition of his journey from Lancaster mentioning a spectacular thunder -storm he witnessed and said and I quote! ‘I nearly shit my pants!” but then he went on to say he felt like a right pussy – but what a way to die!” This engaged the audience brilliantly as I am sure not many noticed Rossi glide back into position to ultimately take the next track by storm – no pun intended – or was it? Dan looked every inch the rock star and I can see a lot of girlie’s having posters of him all around their bedrooms!! Adam smashed hell out of that drum kit to the point where I wondered if Hamerex were going to be able to perform – as it was their kit.

The riffs were just as compelling as the guys performing them. The intense fever pitch was engaging and raw. The malevolence felt with each track was inspiring as it was tantalising.

Having reviewed ‘Origins’ at least I could sing along to the tracks which I love doing – but ‘live’ these tracks just came a live and took on a new meaning as Promethium are without a doubt a ‘live experience’

Being so close to the stage as I was I felt the venom running through my veins and my ears smoldered under the melodic embrace Promethium created.

I just have to see Promethium live again in all their molten metal glory – these guys know how to rock and where to hit and that’s straight between the eyes!

Now I am all alone with my ‘Visions’ and awesome ‘visions’ they are too!! On seeing Promethium live be warned they are highly addictive and you may need to sort out some form of rehab afterwards as the withdrawal symptoms may leave you feeling edgy for more!


Set List:
Won’t break me
Meaning of Trust
Tribute to the Fallen
Murder me

Gary McGahon – Vocals
Daniel Lovett-Horn – Guitar
Henry James Davey Greenwood – Bass
Adam Hargreaves – Drums
Rossi Andrew James – Guitars/Backing Vocals
Hamerex – North Yorkshire          10.00pm – 11.00pm


Demo – 2005
Best of Live – 2005
Gates of Hades
If it’s too Loud, You’re too old
Into War – EP
The Wicker Man
The Lycan EP
Rites of Passage – Studio Album

Genre: Heavy Metal

Hamerex are a Heavy Metal band that formed on 14th August 2004. The band are an energetic and entertaining live band with a large catalogue of catchy and melodic songs”


After the same amount of time as it has been with Kaine the frustration finally diminished as Pagan finally witnesses the mighty Hamerex for the first time and still feeling the effects, but not apologising for my enthusiasm! Hamerex just carved the Snooty up last night with none other than 13 tracks of blistering madness, mainly taken from their scorching new album IX.

For all his size Steve Blower was unassuming and just magical on that guitar as he deftly produced some beautiful catchy riffs of infectiousness.  Just watching that guys fret work left me open mouthed! He made everything look so damn easy but we all know it isn’t – well not to newbie guitarists anyhow! But after the set all I wanted to do was go out and buy a guitar and start again… but to get to Steve’s status it would take me near on 30 years! And that is with practising 24/7!!!

Chris the band’s vocalist also made his presence felt as he scrambled onto the thin balustrade and jumped into the crowd of onlookers. At one point I felt a brush on my legs – turned around to find he was there singing to me… :O Chris got more than he bargained for when he held the microphone out to one adoring female fan of many lined up at the front of the stage when he expected her to shout ”darkness!” and she roared instead and more surprisingly enough after holding the mic out to band member Andy (Bass) Andy replied coolly “Fuck off!” there was an astonishing gasp, that rippled around the Snooty amid laughter and cheering – later when talking to him he said “Now they know not to let me near a mic!” I think Chris has taken that on board now Andy!

On reaching Wakefield – now dubbed Hamerex country I felt that excitement of getting to witness the guys perform live and Hamerex did not disappoint. Track after track and despite an encore the set just whizzed by to a close.

Again another explosive performance from a well-respected band this gig will be hard to top and I will make sure I keep re-living the moment for a long time to come! And yes 10/10 for all three bands was a foregone conclusion – to give any less would be just a crime and despite being speechless I have somehow managed to put together a ‘nearly’ coherent review, amid all the drooling… now I am off for counselling!!!


Set List:
IX Circles
The Life of Death
Descent of Angels
Army of Darkness
The Extremist
The Stranger
The Night of Samhain
The Gates of Hades
Waste Away
Desert Skies

Chris Moules – Vocals
Steve Blower – Guitar/Synth/Backing Vocals
Darren Kelsall – Drums
Andy Firth – Bass/Guitar


*** Special mentions go to H for without this guy I would not have been able to witness this raw spectacle of brutality, and despite him not knowing much about metal was truly in awe of the bands – and that alone says something!
Malc for his amazing sound techniques

The enduring staff at the Snooty FoxKaine, Promethium and Hamerex for some mind blowing sets that were truly ‘out of this world’ how could anyone NOT be passionate about these bands?

Pagan Tordengrav
Pagan Hel Reviews

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