Hamerex Update From Steve

Hey everyone. We just want to give a bit of an update in to what’s happening with the band at the moment since the 10 year anniversary gig and Chris’ departure. Myself, Andy and Daz have been rehearsing 4 new songs that will be featured on a new E.P. which we’re hoping to release this year and recording sessions for it are starting tonight. A few months back we recorded a “demo” of one of these songs and for what we’d consider to be a rushed effort, it sounded great. We’ll be focusing quite a bit on the production side of things again which will hopefully be a considerable leap from IX and will give us an idea when we begin work on our third album with writing beginning as soon as the E.P. is completed. We’re also going to be looking to incorporate the live feel to these recordings to make sure the songs have the same energy they have when we play them at gigs. For this E.P., I will be taking the role of vocalist as I will for the upcoming gigs. If you’ve been keeping track of us on Facebook, then you’ll probably know by now the Frail Grounds has unfortunately been forced to cancel their UK tour that we’ve been working with them on. A lot of spanners have been thrown in the works recently for us, and the only gig that’s 100% confirmed to still be going a head to feature Hamerex from the tour will be 3rd October at the Snooty Fox in Wakefield. We will be making a decision about the Birmingham gig which we’ll announce either later tonight or during the week as there is currently no other bands scheduled to play and is almost 2 weeks away. When it comes to the band and gigs I really don’t like to let people down but this may be one of those unfortunate times when we have to. As for the Snooty Fox gig, Promethium have been bumped up to headliners, with us as main support and the awesome When Idols Fall who we played with earlier this year in Bradford as the openers for the night. Make sure you check back with us about Birmingham, and we’ll be posting updates on the progress of the E.P. In the meantime, we’ve added some live reviews we’ve received recently from the 10 year anniversary gig and the Valk Fest warm up gig which saw me and Andy do an acoustic set, as well as a new album review for IX. We have also decided to extend to the 10 year anniversary sale to the end of 2014, so you can still take advantage of the discounted prices here.

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