Road To Valhalla Review

5th September 2014 – The Londesborough, Bridlington

Ravenage, Aonia, Alice in Thunderland & Hamerex

Last Friday saw the Femetalism team heading north to the Londesborough in Bridlington, location of the upcoming Valkyrian Festival. Headlining were the mighty Ravenage, supported by Aonia, Alice in Thunderland, Hamerex and Teras. A fine night of metal indeed. Have a look at these photos for a taster of what’s to come at Valkyrian.

Given that we left sunny Sheffield after work that evening, we didn’t do too badly getting through rush hour traffic to Brid by 7:30. Unfortunately that meant we were a band down and arrived just in time for an acoustic set by Hamerex. A thoroughly chilled out opener for our evening.

Things stepped up a notch for Alice in Thunderland with a good dose of hard rock and heavy metal. Chugging guitars and decent melodies definitely satisfied my inner classic rock lover. And my outer one, too, come to that.

Next up were the inimitable Aonia, overflowing the stage and taking up one whole end of the pub and filling the room with symphonic metal and operatic vocals.

Last, and certainly not least, came the mighty Ravenage, fresh from the fields of victory. The highlight of the night and put us in a great mood ready for the long drive home!

This selection has certainly whetted our appetite for Valkyrian Festival in a two months’ time. And if you’re still pondering, maybe Glyn’s demonstration of the pointy end might convince you?

Details of ticket sales can be found on the store. Follow updates about the festival on Facebook andTwitter. You can see the rest of the photos on our photos page.

Craig Andrews

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