Traitor Review (Pagan Hel Reviews)

Three years after the release of their previous album ‘IX’ Hamerex return with brand new album ‘Traitor’ which saw Hamerex writing tracks collaboratively for the first time, which for them they say has been an ‘incredible experience!’

This time round the tracks ‘Dead Mountain’ and ‘Journey’s End’ have come out bolder than previous as some touch on historical events about the Dyatlov Pass Incident of last year and much earlier with the Hindenberg disaster. Hamerex have also added a nine minute monster to their album called ‘The Evil Within’ which focuses in on the human race or indeed the state of it.

The opening title track ‘Traitor’ is bass-laden with wisps of guitar and contains the now familiar chug that Hamerex are famed for! There is a good deal of character in it as the band have explored every avenue to make the album interesting and imaginative. ‘The Dark Tower’ introduces a soaring guitar which scours the heights as a tempered drum beat guides it through its paces. The familiar chug once again showing its face adding sheer metal excitement to the track! ‘Dead Mountain’ employs a range of drum beats and then the flexible fingers of Steve Blower come into play. It’s rather a predatory track that gives off an air of menace. Pulsing with large strides of bass and harmonies and indeed it is a real chunk of metal emotion.‘The Nameless One’ is a rather sultry and melodic affair, drenched with intrigue from the start. The crooning tones of Steve’s vocals connect superbly well into the mix, furthering on it explodes into a nagging guitar riff and high octane vocals which was totally unexpected but more than welcome. ‘Eyes of Deceit’ is a real stomper! The thick slabs of metal are prevalent and shows character as it employs catchiness and tumultuous heavy rhythms with a good solid vocal, the added keyboard really lifts the tempo and adds depth. ‘The Abyss’ begins with startling strings and a sparse drum beat that blends a certain amount of anticipation of what is about to follow and when the bass kicks in it suddenly reveals a good injection of emotion. It’s a highly charged track without being over the top and is an amazing instrumental allowing the listener to engage fully with Hamerex on a musical level.  ‘The Evil Within’ is a lively track that bounces with a vigorous rhythm and rousing drum beat. It’s high spirited and eager to please venturing into an almost bluesy field. ‘Journey’s End’ is quite doom laden and sultry giving off a dark invasive vibe and impressively stalks with a predacious stride. As quickly as the doom begins it shakes off the cloak and reveals a contagious chugging rhythm.

Traitor may not be the most unique album to be released, but what it does provide is an insight into how Hamerex work together as a band and what they have produced is a keen metal album that shows greater potential for further albums to follow!


Track List:

The Dark Tower
Dead Mountain
The Nameless One
Eyes of Deceit
The Abyss
The Evil Within
Journey’s End


Steve Blower – Guitars & Vocals
Andy Firth – Guitars
Marc Hood – Bass
Darren Kelsall – Drums


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