Traitor Review (Soundscape Magazine)

It’s always nice when you can hear a good progression between a band’s albums and Traitor, the latest offering from heavy-metallers Hamerex, is a nice step-up from their last album IX.

Unlike their previous release, Traitor gets moving right away, with the title track serving as a very strong opener. Starting with a funky little bassline, the band gets added in layers to the song and there’s a good chunky sound by the time the vocals are added to the final mix. There’s a good driving force to the track as it gets the album off to a great start, and it progresses well from there, featuring some seriously powerful and impactful songs.

It’s a great album as a whole, but a particular highlight is middle track Eyes Of Deceit, which features some seriously catchy guitar riffs and a nice big chorus made to be sang along to – it seems like a track made for being played live! What works well is the fact that it has an old-school vibe, yet at the same time it still sounds fresh and unique – which is testament to good song-writing.

Hamerex have created something to be proud of with Traitor – make sure you don’t miss this album and keep an eye out for a show of theirs near you.



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