Traitor Released Digitally Today

We’re delighted that our well received third album, Traitor, is out now on MP3 and streaming platforms.

The album is now available on iTunes and Amazon MP3. Alternatively, you can buy the physical edition of the album on our bandcamp page or on

1. Traitor
2. The Dark Tower
3. Dead Mountain
4. The Nameless One
5. Eyes of Deceit
6. The Abyss
7. The Evil Within
8. Journey’s End

“The best and most addictive sounds you’ll hear this year.” – Rock Queen Reviews (10/10)

“A grand old slab of brilliant unadulterated metal.” – Sinister Angels Realm (10/10)

“A keen metal album that shows greater potential for further albums to follow.” – RAMzine (4.5/5)

“Make sure you don’t miss this album” – Soundscape Magazine (8/10)

“Overall, traditional British heavy metal by a British heavy metal band, echoing the late seventies/early eighties evolutionary sound of the NWOBHM.” – Frenzy Fire

“This is their best work to date” – Ave Noctum (8/10)

“A great sounding album overall” – TBFM Magazine (80%)

“I enjoyed the album and will be checking out the other Hamerex releases” – Metal Ashes of Phoenix (8/10)

“A fan of unadulterated heavy metal needs to own Traitor!” – Black Phoenix Rising (10/10)

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