New Clothing Available To Pre-Order

We’re delighted to reveal our latest designs for our upcoming T-Shirts reveling around the Traitor album. Also, for the first time, we will be expanding our clothing as we’re looking to introduce long sleeve T-Shirts and both zipped and pull over hoodies, all with their own designs.

Below are all the designs with the links to pre-order them.

Traitor T-Shirt – £10

Traitor B&W

Pre-order the Traitor T-Shirt here.

Traitor Long Sleeve T-Shirt – £10

Traitor B&W Long Sleeve

Pre-order the Traitor Long Sleeve T-Shirt here.

Traitor Hoodie – £25


Pre-order the Traitor Hoodie here.

Traitor Zip Hoodie – £25


Pre-order the Traitor Zip Hoodie here.

We are aiming to order the new clothing and get them released during the course of July, and any pre-orders will help towards getting them in that time frame.

This is the first of the new line of merchandise we will be looking at bringing to you over the coming months.

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