Bridlington Gig Cancelled

Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control, the upcoming gig in Bridlington on 7th July hosted by Clan Ironside has been cancelled.

We are very disappointed we won’t be playing, as we had two of our favourite gigs in Bridlington back in 2014 with the Warm up to Valk Fest and Valk Fest itself. Both were very memorable with being Steve’s first fronting the band, and one of them being the only acoustic set done by Steve and Andy to date.

The remaining dates of the Dark Tour 2017 are still set to go ahead, with the next date scheduled for 8th July at the Snooty Fox Club, although the band line-up is still to be announced.

8th July – Snooty Fox Club, Wakefield
15th July 2017 – Darton Longfields, Barnsley (Coalfields Festival)
7th October 2017 – Snooty Fox Club, Wakefield
21st October 2017 – Dove & Rainbow, Sheffield
28th October 2017 – The Asylum, Chelmsford
25th November 2017 – The Bobbin, Lancaster
9th December 2017 – The Carlisle, Hastings (Mearfest South)
16th December 2017 – The Fenton, Leeds

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