Join the Hamerex Fan Club

We’re pleased to reveal the Hamerex Fan Club is now available through our Bandcamp page. At the moment, we’re offering a “Just the Music” membership, which allows members access to all 4 of the band’s main releases (Rites of Passage, IX, The Last Ride and Traitor) as well as the currently available 12 other exclusive releases, which covers the early parts of the band’s career from 2005-2010, as well some live gigs, and, as suggested by fans, demo’s of some of our songs, some never before heard with The Demo’s Volume 1 and the remnants of a planned concept album,


Shards of a Broken Mind demo’s. This is planned to be expanded as time goes on with more demo, live, and possibly even rehearsal recordings.

As well as all of these member exclusive recordings, there is a 25% discount on all merchandise and exclusive access to the fan community.

It’s something we’ve been interested in trying for a long time, and with other suggestions such as special fan club T-Shirts, we’re hoping to add a second tier membership of the fan club in the future, which will include physical items as well as everything listed above.

The Just the Music membership of the Fan Club is just £7.99 per year for numerous hours of music. To join, visit

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