Steve And Marc Endorsed By Vocalzone

We are pleased to announce that Steve and Marc have been endorsed by the throat pastille and tea company Vocalzone.

Steve and Marc began using Vocalzone pastilles throughout 2017, which has helped them retain their voices throughout live performances, rehearsals and more recently in the studio.

We’re extremely excited to be apart of the #VZFamily, not just for Steve and Marc, but the band as a whole, as it extends our reach to a wider audience as we partner with a company where all social interaction has been friendly, helpful and pleasant.

We join the ranks alongside Coyote Mad Seeds, Democratus, Conjurer, Chasing Dragons and many more as Vocalzone Artists, where the likes of Sir Tom Jones and Jerry Only have sung the praises of the Vocalzone product.

Check out the band’s Vocalzone artist page at

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