The Abyss Vol. 1 Review (Ave Noctum)

Yorkshire’s Hamerex pulled out the big guns for their last release ‘Traitor’, now with a new line up, the band are set to release a trio of EP’s this year, the first being presented here simply titled Vol. 1. It’s released on their own label and available on the usual digital platforms, there is an intention to have a CD version with the complete collection available by the end of the year.

So what has changed? In short, the sound and production have immensely. I have always liked their songs but always thought there was room for improvement with the drum sound. Well, they have only gone and done it. The drums are well recorded and presented here, it’s given this release more depth and less demo sounding.

Out of the four tracks, two are re-recordings. ‘The Dark Tower’ originally from the ‘Traitor’ album, is much more vibrant, it’s a good track, the production changes have given a breath of fresh air to it. The second re-recording is ‘The Extremist’ that appeared in its original form on the album ‘IX’ from 5 years ago. I forgot how thrashy some of their tunes were, this is no exception. The new tracks are ‘Broken’ and the closer ‘Crucifixion’ which features new member Marc Hood on lead vocals. The influence of latter Maiden can’t be overlooked, a good trait, and a good effort now we have the production nailed.

Hamerex have started to venture further afield on the touring circuit, so those not based in the North of England have a greater opportunity to see this band live. This EP should set up a good year for the band, it represents them better and it sounds much more professional. Roll on Vol 2 and 3.


Paul Maddison


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