The Abyss Vol. 1 Review (Musipedia of Metal)

The first in an EP trilogy, The Abyss features two brand new songs by traditional heavy metal band Hamerex alongside new recordings of two older tracks. Hamerex have been around for over 10 years and have experienced several line-up changes but have also released several albums and EPs during this time. Recorded at Laurel House Studios in Wakefield, the songs sit comfortably side by side and having not been familiar with their catalogue, it’s fair to say that its impossible to differentiate which tracks are new.

The music is solid, heavy and singer Steve Blower can certainly hold a tune. The one down side is Crucifixion which features the inferior vocals of bassist Marc Hood, which lets a fine song down slightly. With some tasty riffs, Hamerex avoid the dull plod that so many of the current wave of NWOBHM influenced outfits churn out, with reworked The Dark Tower, a frantic thrashing beast which one would imagine is a beast in the live arena. With elements of Maiden, Priest but also the heavier side of things through Metallica and even Slayer, The Abyss should appeal to all metal fans.

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