The Abyss Volumes 2 & 3 Cancelled

Following on from the departures of Diz and Marc, we have made the decision that the planned Abyss trilogy has been cancelled.

The point of the Abyss, was to show off what the line-up was capable of doing with old, current and new material, and with recent events making the continuation of the trilogy an unnecessary exercise, we thought it best to cancel the current plans and cancel recording at Laurel House Studios scheduled for next month.

All pre-orders for the Complete Collection have been refunded and there are no current plans for Volume 1 to be released on CD, though the digital version will remain widely available.

We sincerely apologise as we know how excited some of you were to hear the rest of The Abyss, which would have featured re-recordings of Dead Mountain, Ride on Ruin, Journey’s End and The Gates of Hades and four new songs, two of which had been written. It’s a very frustrating situation and we can’t apologise enough.

2 thoughts on “The Abyss Volumes 2 & 3 Cancelled

  1. Andy says:

    Could you not see this as a case of ‘life imitating art?’ and view it from the perspective of the band falling into the abyss? …with that in mind, use the material in some way, shape or form to chart this particular chapter of the bands’ history? (I am thinking that real life situations bring out some fantastic material from bands e.g. Smoke on the Water – written after a real life situation faced by a band who were in the process of recording album!) …sound familiar??

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