The Abyss Vol. 1 Review (Metallum Sub Terra)

Yorkshiremen Hamerex have been around for some 14 years now and have a plethora of releases under their belts, this latest being the initial part of an EP trilogy.

The opening track is a re-recording of the track ‘The Extremist’ that first saw the light of day on their 2013 album ‘IX’ and opens in brutal style, a galloping thrash riff giving way to some Dickinson-esque vocals combined with fleetingly used death growls. Second track ‘Broken’ continues proceedings with a lurching groove and from the mid-point features a slow-burner of a guitar solo before the song concludes in rampant thrash fashion with some crazy lead work bringing things to an end.

‘The Dark Tower’ is also a re-recording having featured on 2016 full-length ‘Traitor’. The initial minute provides an atmospheric intro into a mid-paced but slightly repetitive riff before dropping into some full bore thrash at the midpoint and another killer solo.

EP closer ‘Crucifixion’ kicks off in massive groove fashion and the vocals are clearly the work of different vocalist, occasionally flirting with rap-metal territory due to their staccato delivery, although the variation and the return of the death growls makes this track stand out and feel heavier than its counterparts.

Overall, there are plenty of good parts here, the solos and chunky thrash riffing to name but two, however the clean vocal style is a little too obvious in its influence, the solid death growls are underused and only 50% of the tracks on the EP are actually new material in the strictest sense. Keep an eye out though for the second and third parts as the whole may be more than the sum of its initial part.

Review Score – 7/10

Review by Dave P


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