Steve Announces Debut Solo Album (Updated)

(UPDATE) After a suggestion and with consent from fans that have already pre-ordered, Steve has postponed the album with a target date of 8th October (which could be moved back slightly) to sit back and assess the project and possibly tweak, and to add some more music that were being considered for a second album later down the line.

(Original news) Steve has been hard at work on a solo, titled Back in Hell, which is being scheduled to be released around the 10th of September.

It’s a small DIY project that has come together quickly over the course of the last couple of weeks with all music being written and recorded by Steve, as well as all the artwork and designs.

The 6 track album is available to pre-order on CD and digitally on Bandcamp where two of the songs, The Whisperer and Haunting Misery are available to stream now and can be downloaded early as a pre-order bonus.


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