Into War E.P. Review (Metal Observer)

Seriously this is amongst some of the worst Heavy Metal I’ve heard in a many a long year. That they come from the UK is particularly upsetting for this scribe. I am aghast as to just who would listen to this dutiful yet risible homogenous barrage of semi-rip off guitar riffs, lack lustre solos and a lead singer who is without a doubt the poorest vocalist I have had the displeasure of listening to.

Opening with the lengthy and utterly demoralising ‘’Into The War’’ this is not the best introduction for a band who look to carry the torch for SAXON, PRIEST and MAIDEN when they hang up the gloves of steel. It is so samey and devoid of any character that it physically and mentally hurts. Not to be outdone the irony of ‘’Screams And Pain’’ is not lost on me but it has been lost on the band. This is not good. On any level.

The band has gone through more members than I care reading about and it’s not hard to explain why. ‘’Desert Skies’’ shows a modicum of decency but that has all but been washed away on all the other tracks. All in all I will not be holding out for HAMEREX to be fronting a charge for Heavy Metal in the UK. Ever.


Metal Observer

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