The Abyss Vol. 1 Review (Totally Tankered)

The latest EP from Yorkshire metallers Hamerex is the first part of a trilogy of EPs, all of which are scheduled to be released over the course of 2018.

From the very first seconds of ‘The Extremist’, the key word here is “metal”. Hamerex are clearly not a band who want to pander to the latest trend.
‘The Extremist’ has a pure, classic metal sound and is all the better for it, as it flies along at a decent pace and draws the listener in, with some fine vocal work from frontman Steve Blower.
‘Broken’ slows things down a tad, with a more emotional delivery, but with chugging guitars and some good work from drummer Sharif Dyson, it forms a nice counterpoint to the more frantic sound of the opening offering.
‘The Dark Tower’ begins with a haunting guitar intro that gradually builds up the atmosphere, before some machine gun drumming kicks in and a Maidenesque epic emerges. With lyrics seemingly influenced by Stephen King’s epic fantasy series, it even ventures into almost thrash metal territory at times as the speed laden solos take hold midway through.
Bassist Marc Hood (who also provides lead vocals here) gets the chance to shine on closer‘Crucifixion’, a track dripping with the catchiest groove this side of Cathedral, serving up a more stoner rock oriented sound than the previous three tracks. It’s a good way to finish and leaves you keen to hear how the trilogy continues.

Overall, ‘The Abyss Vol 1’ is an impressive offering, featuring some decent production and, most important of all, some damn solid tunes.
Crank the volume high and get ready to bang that head. Hamerex are here to remind you of what metal is all about. And, with two sequels to follow (plus a CD release that will bring together the full trilogy), this is but the beginning of the journey….

John Matthews

8/10 Tankards



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